Safe Baby Bath


Purifying bath granules:
• Alleviates dry, irritable skin conditions
• Free from harmful chemicals
• Fragrance free
• Sooths and cleanses
• Suitable from birth
• Bath granules for gentle soothing and cleansing of baby’s skin
• Simply place granules into the water at bath time
• Oxygen driven formula that sterilises the water
• Can be used by everyone in the family


• Run a warm water bath and place baby in the water.
• For use in a bath dispense 2 or 3 tablespoons of Safe Baby Bath into the water.
• Bathe for approximately 20 minutes. Baby can stay in the water for longer if desired, but the effect of the product ceases after approximately 20 mins.
• Dry body thoroughly with a towel or in the case of very sensitive skin, let the skin air-dry. We recommend using a moisturiser after the bath.
• Safe Baby Bath can be used as often as required. If symptoms persist, consult a doctor.